“Beck showed us around Miami, looking for the parakeets, bulbuls, munias and other exotic species that the ABA has added to the North American checklist. A former resident, she knew all the far-flung neighborhoods and parks that these birds frequent. Unfortunately, we picked a day when a cold front had moved in and depressed the birds’ activity. Beck worked her tail off for us, checking and double checking the most promising sites. I ended up with three “countable” life birds, as well three parakeet species that haven’t made the checklist but were just as beautiful and fun to watch (and photograph) as the others!” -Michael Sheldon, Seattle, WA 2/7/22


Michael Sheldon, Seattle, WA 2/7/22

Thank you for a wonderful and safe time!  I love how you took the time to make sure I actually saw/identified the birds. It is a bonus when we are allowed to discover as we go, rather than being rushed!  Discovery inspires awe and a sense of accomplishment, no matter how old you are! I hope to join you again soon

Wendy P.


Phoenix, Arizona Trip December 2020

I participated in the Archaeopteryx Birding and Nature Tours trip to Sri Lanka in February 2020.  The trip was expertly organized and very well run.  The birding expertise of the tour guide was outstanding.  The daily pace was excellent for me, a birder that loves to photograph the birds.  We saw or heard all of the Sri Lanka endemic birds and many more.  I was able to spend as much time as I wanted photographing specific birds and there was always another beautiful bird begging for my attention as we moved on.  The accommodations were excellent and the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine was welcome.   Archaeopteryx did a wonderful job listening to my interests for this trip and following through with results that made this my best birding/photography trip ever.  I will use them again for my next international birding adventure.

Robert Hoopes


Sri Lanka February 2020

Had a great day birding at Merritt Island! It started with this Painted Bunting, ended with a Florida Scrub Jay (both target birds), and yielded an additional 10 lifers (Glossy Ibis, Boat-tailed Grackle, Reddish Egret, Fish Crow, Brown Pelican, Forsters Tern, Common Gallinule, Willet, Sora, Black Skimmer). Shoutout to Archeopteryx Birding and Nature Tours for making it happen.

Merritt Island, FL

Beth Baisch–Merrit Island NWR

Gallus took me to a short birding excursion 2 days ago in central Florida. To put it bluntly, he is simply the BEST birder I have ever met. Wealth of knowledge and keen eye. With his help, I was able to add a few “lifers” to my list. You simply can’t go wrong with Gallus. I will definitely sign up for one of their tours later on!!

Ning Xie–Day Tour

An incredible experience. You can look at nature all your life and never actually see it. Take a tour and start seeing nature the way it is meant to be seen in all of its glory and wonder.

Deanna Chipley –Local Tour Merritt Island NWR

I had a wonderful experience birding the Kimberley BC area. Beck is an excellent, thoughtful and fun guide. Am looking forward to another of Archeopteryx Birding an Nature Tours in the near future.

Angela Gan–British Columbia Trip

A friend and I went on an East Coast Florida tour with Gallus and Rebecca today and we had a wonderful time! They are both very patient and personable and helped me find 3 life birds! I highly recommend their tours!😊🐦

Kathy Rigling

I have just returned from an memorable family holiday to Florida made all the more special by having the chance to spend a days birding with Gallus and Beck. And what a brilliant day it was. Gallus was a bit worried that Hurricane Florence, which hit land in Virginia, was stopping many birds from moving south. In the end everything worked out just fine. We stopped first of all for a bird that I had always wanted to see  – Bachmans Sparrow. Within minutes we had it under the belt and great views as well. We then headed for Merritt Island where, as well getting some excellent sightings of birds I had seen on previous visits to Florida, Gallus and Beck provided me with 15 lifers including Florida Scrub Jay, Reddish Egret,  Oven bird, Northern Parula, White eyed Vireo, Mottled duck, Roseate Spoonbill, Stilt Sandpiper and Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs. Gallus’s knowledge of birdsong was nothing short of amazing and an invaluable tool in locating birds whose call I simply did not recognise (or, in same cases, even hear!) Beck’s butterfly identification skill was incredible and I felt guilty in only being able to catch quick glimpses of some truly stupendous butterflies whilst engaged in some serious birding. I have been birding for over 45 years now and had the opportunity to see some fantastic birds in some truly amazing places and with some wonderful people. Gallus and Beck are some of these ‘wonderful people’. They are simply good to be with. I cannot recommend their services enough. They know the area, they know the birds and they know just how to keep a visiting birder with a smile on his face! I will definitely book up another birding adventure with them when I am next in Florida.
John Carter – Letchworth Garden City, England.

John Carter, Letchworth Garden City, England

We met Beck and Gallus in Key West while birding on our own.  They were very friendly and helpful-they were leading a group , but took some time to help us look for a couple of target birds for us.  We hired them to lead us later that day after their group left (changing their plans to leave Key West in the afternoon), and we were extremely happy with their service. They are both very knowledgeable, and are excellent birders, willing to share and teach, which we greatly appreciated.  And, they helped us find both of our target birds, (Tennessee and Cape May Warblers).  They went above and beyond in helping us, even took us to a couple of stores at the end of the day so we could pick up some things we needed.  My wife and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for guides, and we will definitely consider birding with them in the future.


Dark Morph Short-tailed Hawk eating a Yellow-billed Cuckoo

–Tom St. Andre

Key West Birding