Archaeopteryx means “first wing” and is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that represent the transition between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds.


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We Offer Many Tour Options!

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  • Butterfly Tours

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  • Nature & Wildlife Tours

  • Photography Tours for Birds, Butterflies, Wildlife, and Nature

  • Orlando, Theme Parks, Central Florida Area Birding Tours

    • Economical
    • Customized to YOUR needs
    • Single or Multi-day
    • Full Day or Half Day Options
    • Up to 2 People Included in Price!
    • Pick up and Drop off at Orlando/Theme Park Area Hotels
    • Water & Light Snack Provided
    • eBird Checklists
    • Local “Hotspots” include Orlando Wetlands Park, Ocala National Forest, Three Lakes WMA, Merritt Island NWR, Tosohatchee WMA, Lake Apopka North Shore, and Joe Overstreet Landing
  • South Florida, Gulf Coast, & Panhandle Birding Tours Available

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  • ABA and International Tours

    • Economical
    • Individual customized private tours available (contact for rate)
    • Organized Tours
    • Small group size (1-4 people typical)
    • Great guide to participant ratio since Beck and/or Gallus will lead or co-lead all tours.
    • Comfortable pace; we are not out to rush from place to place. We want you to see, enjoy, and photograph the birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.
    • Limited hotel hopping. We want you to be able to settle in and enjoy your trip not be packing up every morning.
    • Limited driving times. We visit areas with a 2 hour drive of our hotel.
    • Quality detailed eBird checklists.
  • More intensive “target birding” tours available for Florida!

  • Ask about butterfly and photography tours for Florida!

A little about your guides!

Rebecca Smith and Gallus Quigley each bring unique pieces to our tours. Both share backgrounds in biology, bird banding and monitoring, and a love of nature.

Rebecca Smith is the passionate nature lover with great knowledge of not only birds but butterflies, insects, and more. Her photography skills and patience makes her perfect for those wanting to get that perfect photograph while still adding to their life lists or just enjoying photographing Florida’s natural beauty. Her love of all things nature quickly draws you right into the natural wonders that surrounds us.

Gallus Quigley is the lister and birder, he brings the ability to move through a list of desired species efficiently, which is perfect for the lister or twitcher. Those who have a target list and limited time will enjoy his ability to find those species and move on to the next one maximizing the number seen in a single outing. His detailed eBird checklists saves one the need to spend time writing notes and instead they can focus on more birding.

Rebecca and Gallus together balance each other perfectly, each one strengthens and balances the other. Both enjoy birds, butterflies, photography, and travel. No matter who leads your tour you’ll know the other helped in planning the perfect day for you. Each bring a vast knowledge of Florida, not just the birds and butterflies.

With our home base situated only 45 minutes from the major theme parks and one of the only Birding and Nature Tour company in the Orlando area we are the perfect choice for the person who wants to escape the theme parks and get out into the real Florida. Our prices are competitive and we are more than willing to customize the day to meet your needs.

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Had a great day birding at Merritt Island! It started with this Painted Bunting, ended with a Florida Scrub Jay (both target birds), and yielded an additional 10 lifers (Glossy Ibis, Boat-tailed Grackle, Reddish Egret, Fish Crow, Brown Pelican, Forsters Tern, Common Gallinule, Willet, Sora, Black Skimmer). Shoutout to Archeopteryx Birding and Nature Tours for making it happen.

Merritt Island, FL

Beth Baisch–Merrit Island NWR

Gallus took me to a short birding excursion 2 days ago in central Florida. To put it bluntly, he is simply the BEST birder I have ever met. Wealth of knowledge and keen eye. With his help, I was able to add a few “lifers” to my list. You simply can’t go wrong with Gallus. I will definitely sign up for one of their tours later on!!

Ning Xie–Day Tour