Archaeopteryx means “first wing” and is a genus of bird-like dinosaurs that represent the transition between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds.


“Archaeopteryx Birding & Nature Tours is your one-stop shop for creating lifetime memorable experiences. If you dream it, we can make it reality. Customized tours for birding, butterflies, photography, and all aspects of nature, up to and including big game safaris. Choose an accelerated pace for the serious lister or a slow casual pace for nature lovers and photographers. At your option, mix in relaxing resort stays, cultural/historical sites, winery/brewery tours, backpacking and even pelagic trips offshore. Our mission is to make your travel experience exceptional. Let us partner with you to make it happen.”

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“Beck showed us around Miami, looking for the parakeets, bulbuls, munias and other exotic species that the ABA has added to the North American checklist. A former resident, she knew all the far-flung neighborhoods and parks that these birds frequent. Unfortunately, we picked a day when a cold front had moved in and depressed the birds’ activity. Beck worked her tail off for us, checking and double checking the most promising sites. I ended up with three “countable” life birds, as well three parakeet species that haven’t made the checklist but were just as beautiful and fun to watch (and photograph) as the others!” -Michael Sheldon, Seattle, WA 2/7/22

Michael Sheldon, Seattle, WA 2/7/22

Thank you for a wonderful and safe time!  I love how you took the time to make sure I actually saw/identified the birds. It is a bonus when we are allowed to discover as we go, rather than being rushed!  Discovery inspires awe and a sense of accomplishment, no matter how old you are! I hope to join you again soon

Wendy P.


Phoenix, Arizona Trip December 2020