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Basic Florida Tour Option



Spring Migration Field Trip to Fort DeSoto Park

April 14, 2020 7:30AM-3:00PM

Cost $35.00 per person – Minimum 3 – Maximum 10

Join Archaeopteryx Birding & Nature Tours on a spring migration field trip to Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas county. From the oak hammock picnic and camping areas, to the mulberry trees, and beaches, we’ll be sure to find some amazing birds just returning to spend the breeding season in North America. You never know what you may see, but Kentucky, Blue-winged, Worm-eating, Hooded, and Bay-breasted Warblers are likely as well as Summer and Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, and Swainson’s and Wood Thrush. On the beach side we’ll look for Wilson’s and Piping Plover, Whimbrel, Marbled Godwit, Nanday Parakeets, and Least Terns. There are always surprises when migration season is under way. We may even have a chance to see fallout depending on weather conditions, or the more rare Golden-winged, Cerulean, or Blackburnian Warblers. We’ll break for lunch at Philadeli (a restaurant with sandwiches, cheesesteaks, and vegan/veggie options right outside the park).

The fee for this field trip will be $35 per person which includes the park entry fee, water & light snacks, and a shared ebird checklist at the end of the day. Minimum of 3 people for this field trip with a maximum of 10. There will be some hiking involved in this field trip of up to 3 miles for the duration of the day.

Customizable 7-Day Dry Tortugas & Florida Keys Birding Tour

April 26 – May 3, 2019

Cost $1980.00 per person – double occupancy – Minimum 2 – Maximum 4


Join Archaeopteryx Birding and Nature Tours for a week-long tour South Florida and the Florida Keys. The boat trip and/or camping on the Dry Tortugas can be extended, reduced to a day trip only, or removed completely. This tour is designed for a small group of no more than 3 people.

Airport Pick-up and Drop-off available for Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airports with prior arrangements.

April 26th- Arrive and get settled into our hotel in Coral Gables. Head to Brewer Park for Chestnut-fronted Macaw and Orange-winged Parrot roost. Dinner at Taco Rico.

April 27th- Miami Exotic Bird Day. We’ll spend the day chasing Yellow-chevroned, White-eyed, Scarlet-fronted, Green, Red-masked, Crimson-fronted, Mitred, and White-winged Parakeets, Red-whiskered Bulbul, Common Mynah, and Spot-breasted Oriole. Possibility for Lilac-crowned Parrots, Scaly-breasted Munia, and Blue-and-yellow Macaws. Break for lunch at the Titanic Brewery and dinner at Mario’s Cuban Cuisine in Homestead. Check into the hotel in Homestead/Florida City.

April 28th- Begin the morning at Lucky Hammock WMA and the Everglades National Park for spring migrants and any rarities that are being reported. Head to Navy Wells Pineland Preserve for Bartow’s Scrub-Hairstreak. Spend a second night in Homestead/Florida City.

April 29th- Begin the day birding at the Cardsound Bridge for the Caribbean race Golden Yellow Warbler and possible Shiny Cowbird. We will continue on to the Purplewing Trail to look for migrants, Mangrove Cuckoo, Florida Purplewing and Hammock and Mangrove Skippers. We’ll then visit Carysfort Circle for Black-whiskered Vireo, White-crowned Pigeon, Mangrove Cuckoo and other migrants, followed by Dangy Johnson State Botanical Park for any of the target we missed at previous locations. We will have a late lunch at Ballyhoo’s in Key Largo. After lunch we will drive to our hotel in the lower keys stopping in Marathon for Roseate and Least Terns at the government buildings.

April 30th- Birding the lower keys. Our first stop of the day will be Fort Zachary Taylor State Park for migrants and potential fallout. Depending on activity and time permitting, we may visit Boca Chica Beach for shorebirds, migrants and possible Neotropic Cormorant, Charles “Sonny” McCoy Indigenous Park, Key West Botanic Garden (migrants), Higgs Beach, the Key West Garden club and Sugarloaf & Saddlebunch Keys. Lunch at The Cafe and dinner at Hogfish Grill. Second night in hotel in the lower keys.

May 1st- Board the Yankee Freedom at 0700 and arrive at Fort Jefferson at 1030. Birding and Camping on Dry Tortugas National Park where we’ll see Sooty Terns, Brown Noddies, Brown and Masked Boobies, and migrants. Potential for Bridled Tern, Black Noddy, and other pelagic birds.

May 2nd- Make our way back up through the keys, stopping for anything that may have been missed. Stop for lunch at Mexicana Morada in Islamorada. Spend the night in Homestead/Florida City.

May 3rd- Travel home from Miami.

Price for this tour is $1980 double occupancy. Single occupancy rates available if interested. Price includes hotel, transportation, water, light snacks, all entry fees, camping and ferry fees, ebird checklists, and professional guide. Price does not include food, alcohol, or tips.

*Hotels in keys and ferry to the Dry Tortugas fill up quickly but will not be booked until clients are confirmed for the trip. Hotels will be in the mid-range category.

*Florida Nature Tours is offering 3-day/4-night Dry Tortugas birding tours on a fully furnished boat weather permitting. Visit www.floridanaturetours.net for pricing and information. Choose trip III from April 26th-April 30th to go with Archaeopteryx Birding & Nature Tours! Gallus Quigley is the tour leader for this trip with Florida Nature Tours.

Birding Field Trip to Three Lakes WMA & Joe Overstreet

May 17, 2020 6:30AM-11:30AM

Cost: $25.00 Minimum 3 – Maximum 10

Join us this spring for a field trip focusing on our southeastern specialty birds of central Florida. We’ll visit Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area and Joe Overstreet in Kenansville for some unique species and some excellent photography opportunities. We’ll begin the morning at Three Lakes and listen for the endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers as they wake up and emerge from their cavities in the morning. We should get great views of these birds plus Bachman’s Sparrow, Brown-headed Nuthatch, and Eastern Towhee. We’ll even try to find one of our endangered subspecies of Grasshopper Sparrow just in cast they’re willing to cooperate. We’ll then drive to Joe Overstreet and bird the main roadside for Loggerhead Shrike and Eastern Meadowlark. Once we get to the boat ramp of Lake Kissimmee, we’ll see Snail Kites, Bald Eagles, Purple Gallinule, and wading birds close enough for excellent photos. There’s even a possibility for Crested Caracara. The cost will be $25 per person with a minimum of 3 and a max of 10. The fee includes water, snacks, an ebird checklist, entry fee into Three Lakes, and professional guide. You can contact us here through Facebook, email archaeopteryxtours@gmail.com, or call 609-553-0757 to sign up for this field trip.



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