For the past 5 years whenever I’ve visited Florida to be with my children and grandchildren, Gallus has taken me out for a day of Birding. I found Gallus on the “My Birding Pal” website.
He is an excellent birder! He knows the birds, their songs and calls and where to find them. What I enjoyed the most was how he would help me learn how to identify any new birds. One year we spotted over 100 different birds in one day!
On my last visit I also went with Beck, his girlfriend, and she is an expert in identifying butterflies. I’m so excited about their new business and highly recommend them to anyone. They are both kind, considerate and very knowledgeable people.
Parker, Colorado


Amy Hahn Parker,CO

Sheila Kleiman (Lake Apopka Birding Festival, Ferndale Preserve Field Trip)

Thanks so much for a great walk on Friday morning. I really appreciated your leadership style – herding 25 birders and finding great birds is a challenge!
Chipping Sparrow and Grasshopper Sparrow we’re new additions to my Florida list.
And thank you for the eBird list.
Best wishes,


Jamie Cromartie

Great birding tour with Rebecca Smith last Thursday. We got almost every species on our wish list, as well as a chance to see some wonderful central Florida habitats. Rebecca knows her birds well and is a terrific guide. I’d give Archaeopteryx Birding tours a strong thumbs up.